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Rewards of Patience Zoo Life cover for webRewards of Patience.ZooLife, Winter 1992. Jane Goodall’s work with chimpanzees in Africa brought her renown. Today she focuses her efforts on behalf of captive animals with Chimpanzoo. Click here for PDF.

Playful Color LJ coverPlayful Color.Lapidary Journal, June 1992. Gemstones know how to have fun, playing with light and color to create a world of intriguing phenomena such as the opal’s play of color. Click here for PDF.

Stars, Stripes, Spangles LJ coverStars, Stripes, and Spangles. Lapidary Journal, August 1992. Inclusions in gemstones, such as needles and platelets of other materials, can create eye-catching phenomena. Click here for PDF.

Painting Ruby Red LJ coverPainting the Ruby Red.” Lapidary Journal, Part 1, March 1992/ Part 2, April 1992. Color is one of the most important and complex properties of gemstones. But what makes the color we see? Click here for PDF.

Pretty-Face-LJ-cover-for-weMore Than A Pretty Face.Lapidary Journal, May 1991. The same properties that make diamonds a symbol of enduring, indestructible love make it the workhorse of science, industry and medicine. Click here for PDF.

shaggy rhiocoverA Shaggy Rhino Story.” ZooLife, Spring 1991. A small, shaggy rhino species survived the extinction that wiped out other animals. But can it survive humans? A consortium of zoos tries to help. Click here for PDF.

And there was light LJ coverAnd There Was Light.” Lapidary Journal, December 1991. An introduction to the element that surrounds us and reveals our world to us: Light. Click here for PDF.

Baby stitched2 copyBringing Up Baby.” ZooLife, Spring 1990. Cheetahs have been kept by humans for millennia, but have been notoriously reluctant to breed in captivity. Until now. Click here for PDF.

Singing-Sands-LJ-cover-for-Wagnerian Sands of the Desert.Lapidary Journal, July 1990. “Singing” sand dunes form at the edges of deserts around the world, but what makes them yodel?

Are you my mother Zoolife coverAre You My Mother?ZooLife, June 1990. Embryo transfer research at the Cincinnati Zoo may revolutionize the way zoos help preserve wild species. Click here for PDF.

Tales from Tar Pits LJ coverTales from the Tar Pits.Lapidary Journal, January 1990. Buried in tar for 10,000 years, fossils at the La Brea Tar Pits tell paleontologists stories about the earth and its inhabitants at that time. Click here for PDF.

gorillas coverGorillas in Our Midst.” ZooLife, Fall 1990. Feeding, breeding and interacting, gorillas in zoos present endless challenges to those who care for them. Click here for PDF.

Tomb of Tar LJ coverTomb of Tar.Lapidary Journal, October 1989. Animals fossilized at the La Brea Tar Pits were trapped thousands of years ago by the incredible holding power of puddles of asphalt. Click here for PDF.


















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